Does it have to be hard and confusing for you to get in great shape…?


This is why I bring on Scott Stevenson on the show to peel back the truths for when it comes to dieting and training down to get to low levels of body fat.

I love that Scott touches upon 1 very easy tip that is so obvious, yet so many (including myself) miss for when it comes to dieting down.

In this episode we delve into:

What Scott’s simple and effective tip for people dieting down to get super lean is.

What are the biggest mistakes he sees.. and how to easily avoid them.

What the foundations are that Scott uses to drop body fat.

Training frequency, and methods to enhance both fat loss and hypertrophy with training stimulus…including how to have your nutrition match your training.

Scott is fantastic and breaking down hard science to give you simple and practical advice that works, and I’m looking forward to hearing everything that you’re going to be able to use from this episode.

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