I’m very pumped to be able to share this interview with you today…

As Marc David says in this episode, and I fully agree… 98% of people FAIL to lose weight and keep it off. And this is a sad statistic, though it clearly shows that the traditional or common method to weight loss is NOT working.

And with me writing my next book, and it being 100% focussed on making weight loss easy and simple to take all the fuss away… I’ve become obsessed with the importance and ‘how to’s’ with the psychology of eating.

And why, I bring on the Mr. Miyagi when it comes to the Psychology of eating for you today.

We dive into:
* Why the “calories in versus calories out” approach doesn’t work.
* Why willpower is not something you want to rely on!
* Why the gut brain connection is so important and what to do about it.
* Why you could be binge eating, over eating and emotional eating
* What intuitive eating is, and how you can ‘cultivate’ this.
* What really matters when it comes to food and you getting in shape and your health.