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Have You Ever Asked Yourself “Why, No Matter What I Do, 
I Still Cant Get Lean and Look The Way I Want?”
The truth is…

Getting in awesome shape isn't nearly as complicated that the fitness industry wants you to believe.

If you're like me.  You don't have a lot of spare time for endless hours in the gym, you want your meals to be simple and enjoyable.  

And, now you can eat lots of your favourite carbs and NEVER store tham as fat — All while you are...

  • Building muscle and losing fat faster than ever before by spending no more than 4-5 hours in the gym each week.
  • Doing the short and intense workouts you actually look forward to.
  • Eating the foods you enjoy and never having to count calories or track macros.
  • Never again being confused when it comes to burning off body fat by following the plan specially for busy men that have struggled to lose weight before. 
  • So you re-program your male metabolism to BOOST your testosterone and START burning fat in less than 7-days from now…
You’re going to be able to do all of this by
avoiding the 5 biggest fitness industry myths:
  • You don't need to spend $100s of dollars on worthless supplements
  • You don't need to be grinding out hours of cardio (that's actually going to 'eat away' at your muscle).
  • You don't need to waste hours in the gym each day .
  • You don't need to be "eating clean".
  • You especially don't need to be counting calories - or pulling out your macro and calorie tracking app out at every meal...
This might sound crazy… 

In fact, it probably should. Because this is exactly what I thought. And to prove that following that the; calorie counting, low-carb, traditional fat loss advice doesn't work for guys like you and me. I want to tell you a story - 

That starts with me in the doctors office…

What’s even worse, is that it starts with the doctor laughing - 

At me!

The lab results had just come in, and he was reading out my testosterone levels.

“You’ve got the testosterone of an old man”.

Not exactly the words I want to be hearing from a doctor. But what made me angry was that I was “doing everything right”. Staying strict to my diet, training hard 6x a week, and even killing off my social life so I can stick to the plan.

And for what? …I was stuck. Not being able to get leaner or gain muscle. 

Walking back home from the doctors office, I got even angrier. Following all the ‘guru’ advice was making my life worse.

And that’s when I realised there were 2 things needed to build the body I was working so hard for. And its the same for you right now…
1.  You need the right plan.
You being a man, means you can’t follow the traditional weight loss advice that mostly made for women. You need to boost your testosterone and take charge of your hormones that will turn you into a fat burning machine.

You also need the plan thats made for your male metabolism BUT fits in with your lifestyle. 

We know you're busy and need an easy-to-follow plan to take away all the confusion. 
2.  You need to take action.
The question now is - How do you start using this effectively into your training and diet regime?

Well, I’ve used these exact strategies in the MT-28, my full-blown program for rapid fat loss without feeling like you’re starving yourself like you’re on some “crash diet”.

I specifically designed the MT-28 Program to help people in this particular situation - people who want to drop excess fat as quickly as possible to reveal their muscle underneath - only who want to do it in an enjoyable way, rather than being miserable the entire time.
Here are just a few of the guys that I’ve helped transform… 
and I want you to be next!
Meet Your Coach
Chris Dufey
Physique and Health Specialist, Author, Speaker, 
Dad, Health Nut and Ice-Cream Lover.
Hey there!

Lets be honest… 

The world has enough lacklustre, zero results, radical weight loss and health products. And THIS IS EXACTLY why I created the MT-90 for you. 

To show you, with your very own body, and how you feel each day, that you can quickly hit the reboot button, lose the unwanted weight and set yourself up to look and feel the way you want for the long term. 

No longer struggling with the yo-yo dieting, or confusing diets that set you up to gain the weight back again as soon as you finish. 

I know when you start, and join the 1000’s of others guys that have used MT-90, you are going to be hooked with how easy this can be.
Let’s Be Honest… Most Diet’s Fail Because Of ONE Reason
For a nutrition plan to work it has to be simple

And all the diet’s and plan we’ve followed before haven't worked because its been to complicated and hard…

It has to fit and work with your lifestyle. It can’t be ultra restrictive and chock full of rules. 

And you have to be able to eat the delicious foods you love.

That’s what MT-28 is all about… It fits PERFECTLY Into Your Busy Lifestyle.

This is why I want to introduce you to...

The EASIEST Step-By-Step Scientific Solution
For Guys To QUICKLY Strip Off Stubborn Fat
in 28-Days Without Losing 
...OR Sacrificing Your Favourite High Carb Meals.

I can't wait to get you started on MT-28. It's so simple to follow because it’s made for us busy guys that need results quickly…

You'll start out by first becoming "adapted" to burning PURE fat with 7 days of the Metabolic Prime phase. Then you'll progressively move through the other two cycles.

As you'll see below, MT-28 is specifically designed to "prime" your metabolism and hormones for continuous progress to KEEP you motivated, while getting rapid results as you move through all 2-cycles.

No more suffering through restriction and calorie deprivation. Your diet will no longer cause you to miss out on the fun things in your life.

Phase 1:  Metabolic Prime
Cycle 1 is the PERFECT 7-day cycle to start because it RESETS your body's fat burning switch by turning OFF your addiction to burning sugars, while reprogramming your body to use fat FIRST every time you eat and move.

This is known as becoming “FAT ADAPTED”. And once you make the switch, they’ll be no turning back.

The 7 Day Metabolic Prime serves several essential metabolic purposes that will reprogram your metabolism for long term fat loss.

This jumpstart is essential for your success because it serves as the springboard that will move you through the next three cycles. You'll automatically look and feel leaner while you visually SEE your belly get flatter in just the first few days.
Phase 2:  Accelerated
Fat Loss
Now that you’ve become “fat adapted” we have to make sure to KEEP you that way.

This is when you start eating all your favourite carbs and NEVER store them as fat. By strategically adding back in your favourite carbs you’ll STOP metabolic slowdown and avoid going into a catabolic state, which will prevent the loss of precious muscle tissue.

So not only will this cycle "spark" your metabolism and keep you in a fat-burning environment – you’ll NEVER feel deprived or have to worry about the extra carbs being stored as fat on your body.

There’s also specific exercise instructions provided that work in synergy with your carb intake to SPEED up metabolic rate even further while creating even faster fat loss.

You’ll follow a simple “turn-key” system to manipulate macronutrients (food) so you can automatically maintain a fat burning environment round the clock.
Let’s Be Perfectly Honest…
This is the step-by-step playbook that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to burn away all your unwanted body fat as fast as possible.

Your local (and average) personal trainer is going to cost $400-$500 a month. And that still doesn't give you the experience and specialty program you need.

Save yourself hundreds of dollars by getting full-access to the Men’s Specialist program at your finger-tips. Walking you through exactly what you need to do to transform your body in under 28-days from now.
You’ll have me in your pocket if you ever need my help;

If you ever have a question or need a bit of help you can send me a message in our private group and I'll be there to help you out.  

This is like having your own physique transformation coach on speed dial!
Why not get instant access to everything you need in one easy-to-use spot – at one super low price – so you can get started right now... for a FRACTION of the cost of personal coaching??

But just to make this a "no brainer" for you, I'm going to make you an incredible guarantee…

I'll give you a full 30 days to check out this program -- but you'll see results within the very first week. No joke. In the first 7 days, you'll drop fat, trim your waist and start seeing a leaner, harder physique.

If you follow the program, you will see rapid physique improvement. But if for any reason you decide this simply isn't for you, shoot me an email or give me a call and I'll immediately refund your order. No hassles, no hard feelings, no hoops to jump through.

Now see everything you get when you join us today...
The MT-28 Ultimate Guide
($49 Retail Value)
The truth is... It's NOT rocket-science.

You getting in jaw-dropping shape and being confident with your body will happen by following the plan made for your "male metabolism.

And when you do, you will...
  • Know exactly what REALLY matters when it comes to burning fat and building muscle... Saving you thousands of dollars and more wasted hours we care to count.
  • Have all the answers for when it comes to; what to eat, when to eat it, how to train, what supplements work... and all the other questions you that flood our brain when we want to get into amazing shape.

The MT-28 Eating Plan
($49 Retail Value)
The simple Eating Plan takes you step-by-step through the process so always know what foods to eat, and how much.

This is NOT a deprivation diet, this is where you enjoy the great-tasting health foods without counting calories.
  • Never be confused again about 'what foods' and 'how much' to eat again with the meal plan that fits in with your lifestyle... gone are the 6 meals a day or plain chicken 'n' broccoli diets.
  • Discover how to use 'carb cycling' to ignite your fat-loss and have you eating those (yummy) carbs at the same time... I never want to deprive myself from the foods I love, and I don't want you too!
  • NEVER weigh foods or count calories again... and use our simple portion guide that makes eating healthy easy again.

The MT-28 Training Plan + Workouts
($49 Retail Value)
Let’s be honest.
We don’t have endless hours to be working out each day, we have a life, responsibilities, family, work and a lot more other things we need to get done.

The short, specially designed workouts that show you HOW TO EXERCISE to look and feel the way you want.

  • Copy the Metabolic Resistance Training workouts that are designed for you to burn fat for up to 72 hours after each workout.
  • Exercise at home or in the gym... We give you the follow-along training programs that can cut down your workout time by half.
  • Ditch the endless cardio - We show you how to lower stress hormones and increase fat-burning hormones like Human Growth Hormone to accelerate your fat loss results.

The MT-28 ABS + Cardio Afterburn Training Guide
($29.95 Retail Value)
Switch "ON" your fat-burning and hormones like Growth-Hormone with these workouts to burn more energy for up to 48hrs after each workouts.
  • Get In-and-Out... These workouts can be done at home, in the gym or travelling for work.  This is 'Met Con' workouts that are famous with our members.
  • Follow the simple workout guide that avoids doing 1000's of crunches, and actually flatten your stomach and make your abs 'pop'.

Weekly Meal Plans
and Shopping Lists
($29.95 Retail Value)
Follow the simple Meal Plan so you can save yourself hours each week in meal-prep and never be confused again.
  • Get In-and-Out of the supermarket to save yourself time and money by quickly choosing the foods you love to eat that match the meal plan.
  • Discover how to meal prep to save yourself hours each week in the kitchen... and never be 'stuck' again without a meal you enjoy and that fits in with your meal plan.
  • Follow the simple P-V-F-C meal plan that has always knowing "what foods" and "how much to eat"!
FREE BONUS GIFTS Worth Over $79 For Starting Today...

The MT-28 Fast Start Checklist
Quickly get started and have the guide walking you through how you can start your transformation today.
  • Get started within minutes of right now by having the simple guide walk you through how to start your transformation.
  • STOP being confused and happily get on with life, by knowing what REALLY matters for when it comes to burning fat and building muscle.
($30 Retail Value)

24/7 Members Only Online Support
You get access into the members only private group, so you have the extra support and motivation from health and fitness experts, and join the entire community.
  • Ask your questions and have me personally answer them.  Making sure that you are 100% confident in each meal, workout and step you take.
  • Join the livestreams in the private group for me to help you in real-time so you have the expert guidance all the way through the program.
  • Join the men and women around the world just like you, that are transforming their bodies and have the support group that you can't get anywhere else.
($49.95 Retail Value)
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We’re not looking for perfection, we want guys that are action takers that are ready to take charge of their body and reap the rewards of following through. Not someone looking for a magic potion or the next cool diet craze.

This program is not for you, if…
  • You’re looking for a quick fix (starving yourself or restricting nutrients and/or calories).
  • You expect to lose 30+ pounds after the program. Weight loss is a powerful side effect that comes from putting your health first with this program. 90 days seems way to long. This program is for a short burst, that is specially designed to then give you what’s needed to continue on. If you just go back to your old ways, don’t even bother starting.
This program is for you, if…
  • You are ready to take charge of your body and health to look and feel the way you want by following the expert guide and advice.
  • You want to feed your body with the nutrients and foods it needs to thrive, and avoid the deprivation dieting spiral.
  • You are willing to make changes and invest your time and effort in following through the program to reap the rewards.
I’m convinced you’ll start seeing the same benefits that I saw myself and the 1000’s of other members that have used the MT-28 have as well with your very own body and how you feel.
All you need to do is start now.
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PLUS Your 2 Free Fat Loss Guides
...Saving You $293 Instantly
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Got Questions...? Let Me Answer Your Most Common Questions Now
Will this work for me? I have a lot of weight to lose!
Yes! This plan works for people trying to lose those last 10lbs of stubborn fat AND anyone who needs to lose 20, 30, 50 pounds or more! And the great thing is, the more weigh you need to lose, the faster you'll lose the weight! 
Won't I Just Gain It All Back?
Nope! That's the awesome thing about this plan. I not only show you how to lose the fat fast, but I also teach you an easy method to keep it off without "living on a diet" for the rest of your life.

The great thing about getting lean is that lean people can PIG OUT and not gain an ounce of fat. Research shows that people who are ALREADY lean can pig out every single weekend and not gain a single ounce of fat! This is why getting lean is tough but staying lean is EASY!  
Sagayama, Hiroyuki, et al. “Measurement of body composition in response to a short period of overfeeding.” Journal of physiological anthropology.
I'm very busy. What kind of workouts must I do on this plan?
Probably a lot less than you think. Here's the truth: 

Any time you go on a diet, you must do some form of resistance training. This is super important because resistance training signals your body to preserve lean muscle mass and burn fat (not muscle) for energy. 

Cardio training, however, it basically useless. It doesn't burn very many calories and just makes you hungrier. So you'll need to do 3 resistance training workouts per week. Each workout will only take you 30-60 minutes total. Inside the manual, I show you the exact workout plan I followed AND I give you some alternatives if you prefer to exercise at home using bodyweight resistance.  

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