Having first had the pleasure of meeting Damon many years ago as I was being accredited with a nutrition certification, Damon has been a trusted source of real-world advice that I highly respect.

I bring Damon on in this episode to showcase his immense experience and knowledge to delve into;

* The biggest mistakes to fat loss and building muscle.
* Why most people are asking the wrong question… and why this is causing you NOT to lose the weight.
* What the 1 thing is that you need to be doing to get better fat loss and muscle building results.
* The truth to when it comes to you getting into your “ultimate shape”.
* The difference in the bodybuilding and fitness world – and why this really matter.


You’re going to discover why Damon is able to break down the confusion of what it takes to burn off the fat and get in shape, so you have the simple actions that you can follow from this episode.


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