You have been told to “eat less and move more” to lose weight, and that you need to count calories to make this happen, but…


…it’s a lie.


There’s a much easier and simpler way when it comes to you burning off the unwanted weight. Which means you’re not pulling out your calorie tracker app at every meal and stressing over every bite of food.


There’s bad news, and good news when it comes to calorie counting and what’s needed so you can finally look and feel the way you want.


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The Bad News:


Counting calories sucks!


When you’re trying to count calories, it’s a myriad of websites, apps and math that can make your head spin each day just trying to keep up. And the worst thing other than how complicated it is, is that research shows those calorie numbers can be wrong by 25%.


All that hard work and math can be totally wrong in the first place. Then you have the other side of the calories in vs. calories out equation.  Trying to calculate your ‘burnt calories’ from your exercise and basal metabolic rate which again can be wrong by up to 25%.


The “too hard” factor makes it impossible for this to fit into your lifestyle and its why so many people give up and the constant yo-yo dieting continues.


The Good News:


There is a much cleaner way for you to go through each day, nourishing yourself and being able to watch your body change the way you want it to.


This is why I designed the 28-Day Challenge and the My Body Blends community to have the meal plans designed around the simple P-V-F-C (protein, vegetables, fats, carbs) model.  This gives you the simple understanding of what each meal is to be made up of.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.09.52 PM

Here is a quick example food list for the P-V-F-C meal model.


For example when you have a P-V-F meal you know your meal is quickly broken into a protein, vegetables and a fat.  Its easy to choose the right foods to fit, so this can be chicken with a mixed salad and nuts with seeds.


Example P-V-F Meal. Chicken – Mixed Salad – Nuts and Seeds

Obviously your combination of food choices is endless as the food choice guidelines we give make sure you have the variety to be eating the foods you enjoy.


Though the question of “how much food do I eat?” will come up next.  And this is where I thanks John Beradi and Precision Nutrition for their simple model.


Here is how it works:


Watch the full episode above so you can see how easy it is to put your meals together.


Your palm determines your protein.


Example Meal: Palm of Chicken

Your first determines your veggies.


Example Meal: Fist of Salad (don’t be a salad dodger)

Your thumb determines your fat.


Example Meal: Thumb of Nuts and Seeds

Your cupped hand determines your carbs.


Example Meal: Cupped Hand of Sweet Potato

This then breaks into how your meals can look:


For Men:


2 palms of protein with each meal.

2 fists of vegetables with each meal.

2 cupped hands of carbs for selected meals.

2 entire thumbs of fat with selected meals.


For Women:


1 palms of protein with each meal.

1 fists of vegetables with each meal.

1 cupped hands of carbs for selected meals.

1 entire thumbs of fat with selected meals.


So you end up with an example meal like this, that has your protein, veggies, fats and carbs.



When you simply know what your meals are made of using the P-V-F-C and you can easily portion size your foods, meal prep and quickly putting together your meals to know it matches what’s needed to give you the body want becomes easy.


The Caveat For Bikini and Fitness Models:


If you’re wanting to get in the super low bad fat ranges, to have a photo shoot or step on stage and compete as a bikini or fitness model, then this model is not the full system needed.  To get in the low body fats there does need to be a spectrum of higher control and tracking.


Though I always recommend my private clients to use the model I’ve just taken you through as a starting foundation and then stepping up to higher tracking methods.


The biggest problem I don’t want people to fall prey to is not being able to live life without a food scale and tracking app by their side for every meal.  I want you to enjoy the process of getting in, and staying in great shape.

Want help with this?


The simplicity is why this works so well.


You knowing what foods to choose from, and how to quickly plate up your meal means you can do this on the run.  When you’re trying to weight foods and track every morsel it becomes a time suck.


The best next step is to join the My Body Blends community HERE where you will have full access to the meal plans, workout and guide that walks you through how to hit the ‘rest button’ and burn off the unwanted weight quickly.


…and show you how to keep it off, by not having deprivation diets or calorie counting making it to confusing for you