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Radical Fat Loss Plan Unveiled | My Body Blends Podcast

Do you want to hit the reset button to quickly transform your body... And know exactly how to eat and train to get lean and build the body you want? We know what it's like... When you’re run down, burnt out and stressed from the everyday living, the only way to get in the body [...]

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The TRUTH To Female Weight Loss with Rachel Guy

Ladies, this is important - You; losing the weight and getting into shape is NOT about your calories, macros or training. It's deeper! This is why I'm so happy to be bringing you today's episode where Rachel Guy and I go deep into what REALLY matters for you losing weight and keeping it off. In [...]

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Ladies: Are Your Hormones Blocking Your Weight Loss Efforts?

The truth is it didn’t work…   You’ve been told to “eat less, and move more” and that you will burn off the unwanted weight. We’ve all done it before.  Decided its time to get in great shape, cut down our foods, dropped our calories and our carbs and doubled the amount of exercise we [...]

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The Definitive Guide: To Female Stubborn Weight Loss

Ladies, if you’re frustrated with following the traditional and typical weight loss diets and NOT seeing your body change the way you want; then let me walk you through the key steps that your specific female metabolism needs to burn off the unwanted weight, and keep it off.   If you’re like most women, you [...]

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The 3-Step Female Weight Loss Solution

Are you struggling with burning off unwanted weight…?   NO matter what diet, what training or how low your calories or carbs are, you have this body fat that doesn’t want to go away… This is a common problem that has an easy fix.   For over 10 years, I’ve coached women through the ‘stubborn [...]

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Pregnancy Diet Advice & Workout Tips With Mirella

Give your baby the best start to life whilst taking care of your body and health.   In this episode I bring on good friend, and world class fitness model Mirella Ingamells to give you the advice from the real world experience of pregnancy, child brith and looking after your body and health. From personal experience, and [...]

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How To “Switch On” Your Female Fat Burning Hormones

https://youtu.be/N49iHSaLnYQ   Watch the Full-Episode by Clicking HERE. Does your diet, workouts and plan take into account your female metabolism and how important your hormonal environment is, or are you just caught up with calories...?   In this episode I’m going to show you why I don’t want you counting calories, and why your hormones [...]

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Low Carb Diet Hunger and Cravings Solved

If your following the 7-day kick start program, or are following a low carb diet approach to weight loss you can feel a change with your energy.  This is where I'm going to show you how to solve the increased hunger and cravings problems that comes with a low carb diet phase. Like I talked [...]

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The #1 Weight Loss Diet Lie. DON’T Make This Mistake

The perfect fat loss plan isn’t just one plan, and this is why the crazy statistic is that 96% of people fail to lose weight and keep it off.    If you want to know how you can quickly and easily get in shape and then stay in shape, this episode is for you.   [...]

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Who Is Chris Dufey?

Giving you the body and business that gives you confidence, inner-happiness lifestyle and freedom you want.   My two passions are transforming bodies using science and experience so you look and feel the way you want, and give you the clear steps and coaching to build your online business that gives you the money and [...]

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