Nick Tumminello is a coach and a man I highly respect and have been following for many years.

Just some of the brilliance behind what Nick does is break down hard science and topics that can leave your head-spinning into easy to understand and use advice.

This is a sign of someone truely being a master of their craft.

Very happy to bring you todays epsidoe as Nick opens up real truths for when it comes to training and what REALLY matters for you getting leaner, stronger and performing better day-to-day.

In this episode we delve into:

Unveiling the truth to training trends… and why this can make it so confusing for you.
Breaking down the conflicting advice to open up what really matters.
Why you need to understand the principles before the methods…
What so many people are doing WRONG for when it comes to diet and nutrition, and what you can do about it today to avoid the common mistakes.

I’m really looking forward to you joining us in the My Body Blends Community after you soak in this episode, to let us know what you’ve taken away from this.

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