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The Great Cardio Myth with Craig Ballantyne

Are you training hard...? But, NOT losing the weight or seeing the body changes you want? It’s common for us to think that our calories in vs calories out formula is how we calculate how much cardio we are to do, right? Wrong! This is not necessarily indicative of how our bodies will respond to [...]

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Why Your Lab Results Matter with Reed Davis

  Are you struggling to lose weight...? Or, you're just not seeing the body changes you want from your hard work? Or maybe, you're struggling with brain fog, sleep issues, gut problems...? It might be what Reed Davis refers to as "metabolic chaos". ...and this is why Im very thankful to be sharing this interview [...]

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Metabolic Flexibility For Fat Loss And Muscle with Mike T Nelson

Is Metabolic Flexibility the key to you burning fat and building muscle faster than you ever have before...? Metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch from one fuel source to the next. Our bodies need to be able to switch from one fuel source to another, and this state in a healthy capacity is called [...]

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The 3 BIG Fat Loss Myths (The TRUTH To Men’s Weight Loss)

Do you know what is the biggest problem with you losing weight today? It’s the fact that its made out to be confusing as hell. If you’re like me and the other guys I coach… You’re busy and you want a plan thats simple to follow and gets you burning off fat, building your body [...]

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How To Achieve What You Want with Pete Cohen

  Do you want to simple truths to what "really matters" for you being able to achieve what you want...? Whether its; a better body, finances, relationships or more... Pete Cohen and I dive into how this can happen. This is NOT some 'woo-woo' positive thinking approach. This is a practical how to get you [...]

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How Many Carbs Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

Chances are you’ve tried the low carb approach… If you’re confused with what and how much to eat so that you can be seeing your body change, losing the weight week-to-week then - Let me walk you through right now the 6-steps to how to have a smart carb meal plan. Now I was actually [...]

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Rapid Fat Loss Diet: For Long-Term Weight Loss

Are you confused or frustrated from previous fat loss diets and weight loss plan’s you’ve tried…? You’re certainly not alone if you answered yes! And here is the bitter truth: The “eat less, exercise more” model of weight loss has not worked. The reason? Calories are not the whole answer! You’ve been told to count [...]

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The BEST Paleo, Gluten and Sugar-Free Choc Chip Cookie Recipe

Okay, I have a confession; I did! I stole the cookies. Seriously though, why wouldn’t you steel these beauties? You can’t get much better then a warm, ooey-gooey, chocolate chip cookie inside, that also has a crunch to the outside. And, did I mention that they are; Paleo friendly, sugar free, gluten free and grain [...]

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The Truth To Calories vs. Carbs For Weight Loss with Jade Teta

There's no doubt about it... Jade Teta is a foundation of knowledge for when it comes to getting in shape, finally losing the weight and keeping it off. So get your cup ready to drink in all the knowledge hes got for you in this episode. Aside from the bro-crush, and how I love every [...]

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The Real-World Guide To Meditation and Happiness with Pedram Shojai

One of the coolest interviews I've been blessed to be able to have. Very happy I get to bring you today's episode with Pedram Shojai, as we dig deep into topics that really matter for when it comes to your day-to-day living. One of the quotes from Pedram in this episode is - “every yes [...]

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