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Radical Fat Loss Plan Unveiled | My Body Blends Podcast

Do you want to hit the reset button to quickly transform your body... And know exactly how to eat and train to get lean and build the body you want? We know what it's like... When you’re run down, burnt out and stressed from the everyday living, the only way to get in the body [...]

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Can You Drink Wine and Lose Weight?

Let's be honest... You (and me) are going to drink alcohol. And, we've been told that wine is one of the best options. With one of the biggest problems in the "weight loss industry" being unrealistic diets and programs that give you near-impossible rules and guidelines... ...It's easy to get frustrated and confused so what [...]

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Shady Supplement Industry Insights with Ryan Munsey

Are you confused when you walk into a sports supplements store...? Or... When it comes to what supplements you should be taking, or even what can you trust? You're not alone! This is why I bring on Ryan Munsey back onto the show to give you a look behind the curtain and into the truths [...]

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The TRUTH To Female Weight Loss with Rachel Guy

Ladies, this is important - You; losing the weight and getting into shape is NOT about your calories, macros or training. It's deeper! This is why I'm so happy to be bringing you today's episode where Rachel Guy and I go deep into what REALLY matters for you losing weight and keeping it off. In [...]

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How To FINALLY Lose Weight (Are you Doing Everything Right?)

You hear it ever day scrolling through social media: “The Best Weight Loss Diet!” You read it in every magazine: “The one secret to fast weight loss!” You find it on every fitness website: “This is the plan you need to use”. Let’s be honest… Why do so many smart, committed people struggle to lose [...]

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How To Lose Fat With Weights (Metabolic Resistance Training)

How can you walk into your next workout - And use one of the most popular fat loss training methods:  Metabolic Resistance Training. This is the exact training that has dominated the workout programs for fat loss.  And there’s good reason:   You’re going to save time.  These workouts can halve your training time.  You’re going [...]

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Mindset Mastery for the Ultimate Transformation of Mind, Body & Soul with Sommer Louise

There's no doubt that we can all make leaps and gains with our mindset... It's one of the most important factors for all of us for when it comes to getting in shape, earning more money, having better relationships and achieving what ever we want. This why I bring on Sommer Louise to give you [...]

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How You Cultivate Gratitude and Happiness with UJ Ramdas

What do you want...?! Is it - happiness? Whatever 'success' that we want to create whether it's losing weight and getting into shape, making more money, having better relationships, being in great health - It's to make us 'happier'. And building a sense of gratitude... right NOW is what you can be doing to become [...]

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3-Simple Carb Cycling Diets with Shelby Starnes

The simple truths Shelby Starnes brings to you in this episode will save you a lot of time, stress and money... Firstly, clearing away the confusion. I open up with Shelby to uncover why so many people are asking the wrong questions to when it comes to getting lean. ...and what you REALLY need to [...]

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The Simple Steps To Getting Super Lean with Scott Stevenson

Does it have to be hard and confusing for you to get in great shape...? NO! This is why I bring on Scott Stevenson on the show to peel back the truths for when it comes to dieting and training down to get to low levels of body fat. I love that Scott touches upon [...]

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